Rules for transporting pianos

After taking it out into the street, the tool must be loaded into the van without delay For easy and safe loading we use a hydraulic lift. We install the piano along the side in a standard vertical position. We fix with straps and special fasteners. It is dangerous to transport the piano while lying down. Due to friction and strong vibration during movement, it is easy to damage the impact mechanism.

For the safe transportation of the piano, we choose a route with a flat road and high-quality coverage. We drive slowly, without jerks and sudden braking. We try to protect the sensitive mechanisms of the instrument from shaking and shock as much as possible.

The piano won’t forgive you if…

It will not be protected by film and tape from dust, dirt and moisture.
Will be rolled on rollers or held by rear handles. They are intended only for accurate movements within the premises. In addition, metal wheels can damage the flooring, and if the handles break, the integrity of the cover will be violated.
When descending the stairs, it will be placed on the steps at an angle. Such actions lead to damage to the bottom and loss of balance when carried.
Before transportation, it will stand for a long time on the street. Sudden temperature fluctuations harm the coating of the body and the working elements of the tool.
You decide to transport it in a trailer. Transporting such delicate goods in trailers is like vandalism. The consequences of such hindsight are cracks on the body, damage to the percussion mechanism, cracks on the deck and other serious damage.